Lochgoilhead photographer, Chloé Timms of Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.
Hi there! My name is Chloé and I’m the sole photographer here at Chloe Jane Wedding Photography. Hopefully you like my style and are now wondering if I’m a good fit for your wedding and I very much hope that I will be!
For me, having good chemistry with my clients is very important. I like to work with warm, loved up and romantic individuals, that think their wedding pictures are important and are up for a giggle!
My personality is thankfully suited to being good at what I do. Meeting new people is something I enjoy and I naturally make people feel comfortable around me. Most people aren’t a massive fan of being in front of a camera, so I think the above is a really important trait in this industry. Having the ability to not only make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, but also to mingle in with the guests is what results in amazing wedding pictures. I don’t take myself too seriously, am always up for a laugh and don’t have my guard up. I think these really are wedding day essentials!
When I’m not working, I am a big fan of hiking and general adventuring with my husband, friends and two dogs, Bruno and Trixie. An evening involving food, wine, PJ’s, fluffy socks and a toasty fire is my idea of bliss.
In June 2018 I relocated from the Cotswolds to Lochgoilhead, Scotland. This has been a big move (and may explain my need for fluffy socks), but I’m so glad me made the decision to move up to this beautiful neck of the woods. I am originally from Scotland (minus the accent), and our honeymoon here just felt like home. And so we moved! This new location has sparked an old love for wildlife and I’m also enjoying gardening and fishing. I think I’m settling into pensioner life long before my time, but I’m loving it.
I really do love my work and would truly be so happy to be a part of your amazing wedding day. Please do get in touch if you think I might be your perfect wedding photographer, I can’t wait to hear all about your plans!
Chloé x


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If I can help with any questions then please do get in touch! I would love to answer any questions that you may have.