Engagement Photoshoot

Firstly, congrats! I’m sure you’re super excited about being engaged and getting rolling with your wedding plans!

Engagement shoots are super fun, and can be a great opportunity for us to get some shooting time in, before the big day. Extra time in front of the camera will never be a bad thing! You’ll have some beautiful pictures of the two of you in a casual setting, which is especially helpful for those who are predisposed to get a little jittery around the camera. Think Chandler in that episode of friends..?

I usually advise for my couples to hang fire with their engagement shoot booking, until after they have a definite wedding date. This is just so there isn’t the potential risk of you loving your engagement photos, but finding I have been booked by someone else for your wedding date. If we hang fire, it just means we can ensure I am free for your wedding date, before you commit to an engagement shoot. This is just my advice, so it’s not something you have to stick to.

I don’t travel too far for my engagement photo shoots, so somewhere not too far from Lochgoilhead is essential. Weddings are naturally different and will see me jetting off almost anywhere! Working in a beautiful outside location will always be my preference, but this is something we can speak about.

Please do take a look around the rest of my website and see if you think I’m the one for you. Feel free to give me a call if I can help with any questions! It would be wonderful to capture your beautiful wedding day and of course your engagement photo shoot too!

Best of luck with starting your wedding plans and I hope to speak with you soon.