Commercial photographer Glasgow.

Wild by Descent is a fantastic jewellery company owned by Naomi Lesniewska. Naomi designs and creates every piece of beautiful jewellery by hand. Her work is beautiful, unusual and very eye catching. If you would like to see more of her beautiful work, you can find her website here.

I absolutely loved this commercial photo shoot with Wild by Descent. I worked alongside Naomi for the day and we came up with some really cool ideas together. My mum was slightly bewildered when I asked her if she had some rusty nails that I could ‘borrow’, but understood my creative vision after she saw the images! Taking the nails and hammer along for a shoot did feel a little odd, but two days shooting at Buck’s Photography are never the same! This is just one reason why I love my job!

For me, commercial photography is about standing out from the crowd. Anyone can have the classic white or black background, but it takes a brand with real class and creative vision to step out of that constraint. Studio work will never be for me. I pride myself on my work standing out and for my creative vision. I love to work with other people who have the same vision for their brand. Daring to be different and stand out is what it is all about.

Being a commercial photographer in Glasgow does not limit me to commercial photography in Scotland. I am more than happy to offer commercial photography to UK and worldwide clients. I offer the option for clients to send me their products, so I can photograph the items for them remotely.

As you can see from this work I have completed for Wild by Descent, I thrive on quirky commercial photography, finding inspiration from nature. My location is one hour outside of Glasgow, with a stunning woodland and loch on my doorstep. This location provides me with such a stunning backdrop for quirky commercial photography.

I love jewellery photography, but any commercial shoot which gives me the opportunity to use my creativity and work outdoors is good with me.

I have recently relocated to Scotland from the Cotswolds, and am very much looking forward to working alongside some businesses in my new area! Some whiskey commercial photography might be next on my hit list!

If you have a particular commercial photography need in mind, please get in touch and let me know your product, business and your vision for your images. As I have said, I am happy to shoot your products without you present if you are not able to make the shoot. When you book me as your commercial photographer, you can guarantee that I will 100% be putting my all into your images. All my passion and creativity will be in every item that I shoot for you. I like to have the freedom to be creative on commercial shoots, so if you think my creativity would work for your products, I would love to work with you.