Here are a few shots from a Cotswold photo shoot, that took place in a gorgeous village garden.

Contance was a really creative person to work with and the photo shoot was such great fun from from start to finish. The shoot began in a local Cotswold village garden, on a beautiful sunny day. Constance had two outfit options with her, which can be nice to switch up the images a little.

Due to the time of year, the garden was filled with gorgeous flowers in full bloom, which were perfect for lots of different backdrops. We made our way around the idyllic garden, coming up with different ideas for pictures as we went.

Once I was happy that we had got some great pictures in the garden, we moved into a different area to continue the Cotswold photo shoot.

Close to where we had parked the walls on both sides of the road are made using Cotswold stone. We used the stone for a quirky backdrop, and Constance was very pleased with the result. The entrance to the garden is a tall, heavy iron gate. We did a few different things using the gate, which also resulted in some really pretty pictures.

We also took a little trip to a nearby lake and woodland, where we continued the shoot until we were both very happy that we had a good selection of gorgeous images.

I think Constance’s choice of dresses was quite perfect, as they seem to add a very classy a timeless element to the images.

This shoot really was very fun and I was so happy with the end result. It was great to see Constance’s reaction to the pictures when she saw them for the first time. Seeing such a positive reaction to your work, really makes this job feel so worthwhile!

If you would like to see more images from this Cotswold photo shoot with Constance, then please take a look at the Buck’s Photography Facebook page.

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