As a Glasgow photographer I’m really lucky to have such an amazing printing company on my doorstep.

Being predominantly a Glasgow wedding photographer I am constantly designing wedding albums and artwork for my clients. I like to be able to offer my clients artwork of the absolute highest standards. I currently have two different album styles, along with smaller duplicate albums that can be used to gift parents and grandparents.

Alongside wedding albums I also offer two different types of wall art. I have researched many products and have found the two that I love. I think the metals will always be my absolute favourite. We have two large metals in our house, and always get complimented on them when we have people over. The metals are high shine with gorgeously vibrant colours, that provide some real show stopping artwork for your home. If albums are not for you, wall art can be an amazing way of displaying your images. Naturally both the wall art and albums are also suitable for other types of photography, aside from wedding photography.

As a Glasgow photographer, I specialise in wedding photography, but also offer several other types of photography. Being based not too far from Glasgow, I have the best of both worlds! I am based on the shores of Loch Goil, so it’s an absolutely perfect place for family photo shoots. The village is a wonderful holiday destination, so it perfect for capturing happy family memories. There are three stunning wedding venues on my doorstep, with several others not too far away, and I am only around an hour away from Glasgow itself. I have learned that everything is ‘about an hour away’. This seems to be a Scottish thing!

I do specialise in wedding photography, but also have a real passion for family and commercial photography.

When I am booked as a wedding photographer, I like to meet my clients prior to their wedding to discuss the details of their day. Upon meeting I usually bring along some albums and artwork. Everyone always comments on the quality of the products and my clients usually fall completely in love with the albums.

Being able to display my work in such a wonderful way for my clients is always an amazing feeling. Seeing my work printed in a stunning album, or hanging on a wall still puts a big smile on my face. I love what I do and it will always really matter to me that my clients are smitten with their pictures, and their products.