This Hatton Court Hotel wedding was the perfect day for Neil and Sandra. It was a wonderfully relaxed spring wedding with family and friends.

The beautiful, sunny day allowed the couple to enjoy a intimate wedding in the garden of Hatton Court.

With the nature of this couples wedding being such an intimate family day, they decided to only have me with them for part of their day.

When I arrived at Hatton Court, Neil and the family were all enjoying the beginning of their lovely day together. The couple had put aside their wedding rings and flowers, so I was able to photograph these before the arrival or Sandra and her bridesmaids.

The colour theme was royal blue and yellow, which looked great on such a sunny spring day!

After their garden wedding service, I took Neil and Sandra for some pictures on their own and then we made a start on some group shots.

Not long later, the couple sat down for their wedding breakfast. It was such an intimate array of family and friends, that they were all able to sit on one table. I went to school with Sandra’s eldest daughter, so the couple very nicely decided to sit me at the table with them! The company and food were great and it was lovely to feel so included in this couples wedding!

Neil and Sandra’s wedding cake was truly unique! The wedding cake was inspired by their love of coffee shops and is one of the most inventive cakes I’ve ever seen!

When we had finished up with the wedding breakfast, we headed into the Hatton Court gardens to finish up the official wedding photographs.

A little later on many of the guests went up to their hotel rooms, where they changed into more comfortable clothes. This proved perfect for enjoying playing in the gardens with Sandra’s granddaughter.

More pictures from this Hatton Court Hotel wedding can be found on the Buck’s Photography Facebook page.