Hereford wedding of Mr & Mrs Tolson.

Earlier this year I was booked by Natalie and Doug to be their photographer for their Hereford wedding.

The couple had a beautiful outdoor wedding in a family members garden. It was a beautiful space to work with, complete with swimming pool and big metal bird!

When I arrived on the day of the wedding, there was a lovely atmosphere in the house. People were popping in and out of the house and the caterers were hurriedly going about their preparations.

I arrived before the service so I had time to capture some detail shots of the couples flowers and rings. Upon exploring down the garden for some quirky picture opportunities, I discovered a lovely rustic set of table and chairs. I imagine it may have looked a little odd to some of the early guests, but I dragged one of the chairs out into the middle of the garden, and used it for a backdrop! It made a lovely prop for the vibrant wedding flowers.

The wedding service was really special, with just family and close friends in attendance. It was also a lovely touch that a family member was actually conducting the wedding service. There were many details like this in their wedding day that made it feel special and unique to this couple. They had even picked and dried wedding flowers in the summer, which were beautiful floating decorations in the swimming pool! I was only with this couple for a few short hours, but it was a pleasure to be a part of their special day. Natalie is herself a photographer, so it was a privilege to be chosen by her to be her wedding photographer.

A beautiful Hereford wedding, with beautiful weather and an amazing group of people to celebrate their day with. A perfect day for any wedding photographer.

If you would like to see more pictures from this wedding, please take a look at my Facebook page.