I love to get bookings for pet photography in Gloucestershire, as there are some really stunning locations to use.

This is a little selection of some of the pet portraits that I’ve done over the last few years.

I quite often take my own dogs out with the camera, so end up spamming my poor Facebook followers with lots of dog pictures!

If you did want to take a look at my Facebook page (and be spammed with said pictures) then you can find the link here. Following me on facebook is a good way to keep up to date with my work and more recent shoots that I am attending.

Pet photography in Gloucestershire is always great, because there are so many beautiful places that we can go for the shoot. Meeting for a walk can be great, as we can then have a different selection of backgrounds to work with. Hilly areas such as the Malvern Hills or Bredon Hill can provide everything from rolling landscapes, to water and woodland scenes.

I love seasonal shoots where there are lots of flowers, can work really well, but any time of year can work perfectly.

My pet photography is not limited to dogs, this is just the usual pet that I am booked to photograph. If you have another pet that you would like photographed then please get in touch and we can talk about your shoot.

These pet portrait sessions are also not limited to just pets! You and your family are very welcome to jump in as many pictures as you like! Your pet sat amongst the family can make for a rather wonderful family portrait. For many of us, our pets are most definitely seen and treated as a member of the family, so a family portrait involving your beloved pet can be a wonderful thing.

If you are thinking of booking me for pet photography in Gloucestershire, or further afield then please take a look at the pet portrait section of my website.

For dog portraits you may want to take a quick look at the blog for some tips on ways that you may wish to prepare for the shoot.