I took the camera along for a walk last month (February 2016) up Bredon hill, with my partner and two dogs, Bruno and Trixie, aka the Wonders. The walk rather quickly turned into a pet portrait session!

It’s the first time I’d walked up the hill from this particular area in some time, and it provided some great backgrounds for pictures.

One of my dogs is obsessed with water, so a water filled trough on the way up provided a great opportunity for some playtime action shots during the pet portrait session.

I’ve walked through the woodland at the top of the hill on many occasions but have never really taken the time to stop and have a look around. It’s a small woodland, but such a perfect location for pet portrait sessions and I fully intend to start taking clients up there (if they don’t mind a bit of a walk!).

The woodland is only around 20 minutes away from a parking area so it doesn’t take too long to get there, and it’s not far from the tower at the top of the hill – another great opportunity for pictures.

There are so many pretty places in the area, it’s great to be somewhere for pictures, where I can take the lead and harness off my dogs without having to worry about any traffic!

For more information please visit the pet portrait section or if you’d like to know how to prepare for a session with your furry friend, take a look at the blog.