Stonefield Castle wedding photographer Chloe Timms of Buck’s Photography.

As your Stonefield Castle wedding photographer it will be my job to tell the story of your beautiful wedding day through images. I shoot in a documentary style for a large part of the day, which means that I capture the events of your day as they naturally unfold. I mingle in with your guests and capture everything that is taking place around me in an unobtrusive way.

Shooting in a documentary style means your images have a beautifully authentic feel to them and represent the true story of your wedding day. Photographing people in this way means that you and your guests can be photographed without even realising the camera is pointing in your direction. This is the way that I love to shoot because all the images you see are real moments. There’s something really special about that.

As well as shooting in a documentary style I do love to work a little differently at a few points in the day. The morning of the wedding is very much documentary when it comes to people, but I do really enjoy setting up some shots of your rings, dress, etc. These pictures will add a wonderful fine art element to your wedding images. I like to keep these shots elegant, but with a little bit of a quirky edge to them, which has become a fairly typical element of my wedding photography. Think rings balancing on pretty plants and bridal bouquet leaning against a rustic tree and you’ll be along the right track.

When you book me it’s not just about documenting your day, but also seeing the opportunities to be creative and come up with something a bit different.

This is a very short walkthrough on what to expect if you booked me to be your Stonefield Castle wedding photographer. Please do give me a call if you would like to have a chat about your wedding photography requirements.

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Chloe x