Oren’s Tewkesbury Abbey Christening took place on a brisk day in November, but I’m happy to say it was a beautiful day!

I arrived at the Tewkesbury Abbey early, where we did many of the key group shots before the other guests arrived.

As the guests began to arrive, they held Oren outside the Tewkesbury Abbey to have their pictures taken.

Once all the guests had arrived I was able to go inside and escape the cold weather.

Tewkesbury Abbey Christenings are really wonderful – it’s such a stunning place for a Christening.

Part way into the service, all the guests had to make their way towards the back of the Abbey to watch Oren being Christened. He was very well behaved and candles were lit afterwards.

After the service we had more photographs in the Tewkesbury Abbey, and then made our way to the Gupshill Manor in Tewkesbury to continue Oren’s christening celebrations.

The room at the Gupshill Manor was decorated beautifully, with balloons and bunting. Oren has a wonderful custom made cake and there were lots of toys for all the children attending to play with.

All the guests young and old alike were having great fun laughing, playing and enjoying a wonderful buffet spread.

This was my second Christening for this couple, it’s always lovely to get repeat bookings from my lovely clients!

I have been booked for a number of photo shoots by this family, including a photo shoot, birthday party and an anniversary party shoot, so there were lots of familiar faces!

More pictures from Oren’s Tewkesbury Abbey Christening can be found on the Buck’s Photography Facebook page.

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