The Tewkesbury Abbey wedding of Lewis and Stephanie.

I was contacted by Stephanie earlier this year to see if I would be available for their Tewkesbury Abbey wedding. I was delighted to be booked by this lovely couple.

As well as getting married, Stephanie and Lewis also decided to get their son Christened at the same time. This added a lovely and unique element to their already beautiful wedding.

Stephanie arrived at the Abbey with her father, son and three bridesmaids. The bridesmaids were in lilac bridesmaids dresses, and her son looked very smart in his little suit!

The couple had booked a choir for their wedding service hymns. The choir waited at the back of the Abbey, then made their way to the front, just before Stephanie entered with her father. This built the suspense for the entrance of the bride even more!

Stephanie looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle towards her soon to be husband, Lewis. She chose a beautiful twinkly dress, which looked gorgeous in the grandeur of the Tewkesbury Abbey.

It can be quite tricky to get pictures of the bride and groom at the front of the Abbey, due to where they are placed for the service. I managed to sneak along behind the choir, which gave me a much better view!

Part way through the wedding service, we made our way back down the aisle for the Christening. Photographing a christening whilst the parents were in their wedding outfits was not something that I have done before! Quite a lovely idea though!

After the wedding service, friends and family were invited to the back of the Abbey for refreshments. There was an array of food and drinks for the wedding guests, including a display of gorgeous looking wedding cakes.

All the group shots were done outside the Abbey, then I went off with the Newlyweds for their couples shots.

I was only with this couple for a short time on their wedding day, but it was a privilege to share it with them.

If you think you may like a Tewkesbury Abbey wedding, or would like more information on the Abbey, you can find their website by clicking this link.