Lodge on Loch Lomond wedding, Roy and Steph, by Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

I titled this wedding ‘Ain’t no wedding like a Scouser wedding!” and for very good reason! I had an absolute ball with these guys, they were all so much fun! I’ve also never been offered a drink by so many people before, hands down the most hospitable group of people I have ever photographed! Definitely one of those weddings where I would have happily stayed and hit the dance floor 🙂 Not that anybody needs to see that, ha!

It was wonderful to see the relationships at this wedding, everyone was so close. Even guests that weren’t family, somehow seemed like they were.

This was such a feel good wedding. I loved every second!

Also, I have NEVER attended a wedding with fire breathers! Totally stank of paraffin when I got home, but I didn’t care! So, so cool!!

Amazing to capture The Lodge on Loch Lomond wedding photography for this amazing couple – all in all a pretty perfect evening!