Hi, great to have you here! My name is Chloé (I know, shocker considering by business name) and I specialise in wedding photography for wild hearted romantics. Lochgoilhead and beyond..

If you have a desktop, check out my site using it! There’s a little video of me working on the homepage. I’m frantically trying to get on top of my editing, then I have so much new work to add to this website! For more recent work, be sure to check out my Instagram. You’ll find a link in various places on the site 🙂

I am the solo person working at Chloe Jane Wedding Photography. I write every email, take every picture and edit every last one of them myself. I am incredibly passionate about my work and genuinely get excited for every wedding and every time I hit send on a finished gallery! I’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years and am fully insured.
My shooting style is relaxed and natural, but when it comes to my couples shots it’s incredibly important to me that they are overflowing with romance. I genuinely just love being there to document these amazing days, more than that, I feel a part of them.

I love what I do, anyone that meets me knows it. 
My absolute goal at every wedding I photograph is to provide my clients with pictures that they will absolutely adore and add to their day in a wonderful way. I always want my couples to have the best day. And yes, sometimes that means I will try to help the bride hold back some pre-wedding tears and fix her a drink, rather than snapping away and adding to what can feel like an overwhelming situation. I read the situation and I truly do care about my clients. Your photographer is always a bigger part of your day than you realise and they are with you when you are feeling anxious and then all the truly wonderful moments that come later. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and I would love to be there with you through them. Cheesy but true! 
I’ll try and give you a small snippet of an overview of ‘about me’ on a more personal level.
In 2018 I relocated from Gloucestershire to Lochgoilhead after visiting the village on holiday. After spending each morning crying into my cereal whilst stood on the beach, because I couldn’t imaging ever having to leave, a move was inevitable. I am originally from Scotland, so I think on some level it really did feel like coming home. 
I have a little boy, he’s my world. Trixie and Trudy are my wonderful dogs and they take up most of the bed! 
I like to be outdoors, walking and kayaking are my favourite outdoorsy things. If a house has a nice fire on the go, you can guarantee I’ll be as close to it as I can get! My favourite drink is spiced rum and pineapple juice. 7 is my lucky number (because it’s my dogs birthday, ha! Yes, I’m one of those people). I’m a secret geek and love The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I used to snuggle up with my mum and listen to the CD’s. I have addictions to: houseplants (Patch Plants and Dobbie’s are my faves!), chocolate, weddings and Netflix (maybe rum too, but we will keep that between us).

You can find me on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with my camera adventures.


If I can help with any questions then get in touch, you can use the contact form, my number is also available if you would like to send a WhatsApp.

Chloé x