Lochgoilhead Camera Lesson by Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

Did you know that I also teach photography?

If you would like to make the switch from shooting automatic to manual, I offer a beginners photography lesson.

It’s a practical lesson, that will take place out and about in the beautiful village of Lochgoilhead. You will be taking pictures of the local scenery and any interesting things that draw our attention along the way.

For the lesson, all you need is a DSLR, notebook, pen and willingness to learn. It’s a very laid back lesson, so no pressure and hopefully an experience that you will thoroughly enjoy. I leave out the technical jargon and explain things in an easy to understand way. This is usually a favourite for holiday makers as it’s something lovely to do and also means that the rest of your holiday pictures will see an improvement in quality!

After your lesson, I ask that you practice, practice and practice some more! It’s the only real way to ensure that the information I have taught you sinks in and sticks. I am always on hand after your lesson to help if you have any questions or technical issues.

You’ll have a little homework before your lesson, which is just to familiarise yourself with some of the settings (I will tell you details of this beforehand). This just ensures that we can make a quick start during your lesson, rather than the time being taken up trying to figure out where to reach certain settings.

I like to bring my camera along to the lesson and take a few pictures of you out and about with your camera. The images will be shared with you after the lesson as a little memento of your Lochgoilhead camera lesson experience.

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