Contact via the below form, Instagram, email, WhatsApp or carrier pigeon. Whatever suits, I really don’t mind 🙂 Happy to help with whatever questions you have. I know that most people haven’t booked a professional photographer before and it may seem a little daunting. But, I promise I keep things simple and I’m always up for working with my clients to come up with cool ideas for their pictures. 

I seem to book a lot of people that maybe aren’t overly comfortable in front of the camera. I think that’s because I just naturally make people feel comfortable. I’m friendly, a little excitable and very creative. The fact that I adore my job will always shine through.

If you need any supplier recommendations then let me know.

mobile: 07769 158581


instagram: chloejaneweddingphotography

If you haven’t already, you can find a lot more of my recent work on Instagram. Take to Google if you want to check out my reviews.

I’ll respond to your message as quickly as I can.

Speak soon!

Chloé x