As a Glasgow wedding photographer, I love that my style of photography stands out amongst the other photographers. In an already saturated market, if you don’t have something that sets you apart from other people, you simply won’t get the bookings.

My aim in this blog post is to tell you a little about me as a Glasgow wedding photographer. If you think I might be the perfect fit for your wedding day, then I would love to hear from you.

Recently I started talking to a lovely lady on Facebook. She told me that lots of people had recommended many a Glasgow wedding photographer to her, but she wanted to find HER wedding photographer. She wanted to find someone that she could feel comfortable around, and someone that really cared about her day and understood what I big deal it was for her and her partner. And obviously someone who she loved the work of! I thought this way of looking for her photographer was just perfect. There are times in your wedding day where I will be with you when you’re feeling anxious, when you’re sharing really special once in a lifetime moments, and times where it will just be you, your partner and me. If you feel comfortable with your photographer, I promise it will only add to your day in an amazing way and that will absolutely impact the finished result of your wedding pictures. Am I professional? Yes! Do I like to have fun? Absolutely! Will I be loving every second of your wedding as much of your guests? Hell yeah! I love weddings – they bring out the best in people and it’s an absolute joy and privilege to be involved in every wedding that I’m booked for. I get so excited for couples to see their wedding pictures because I absolutely love what I do. Your day is going to be full of love and joy, so let’s make sure we bring that into your pictures.

During your wedding day I will always try to capture your day as it naturally unfolds. The group shots will be choreographed, but other than that we will keep everything as natural as possible.

I love to take my couples off twice during the wedding day. We’ll sneak off and get some pretty pictures of just the two of you. Pending your venue, I may try to persuade the bride to slip on some trainers so we can hop a and gate and find a pretty scenic spot nearby. I promise it will be worth it! During the couples shots, we will keep things as natural as possible, but I will of course be helping with some positioning too. The couples shots are one of my favourite times in the day and will be some of the pictures that you will cherish the most.

I’m a Lochgoilhead wedding photographer, but traveling is always part of the deal as a wedding photographer. I would absolutely love to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have about having me as your wedding photographer.

For more information on pricing, please check out the Weddings page on my website by clicking here.

You can find more of my work in my portfolio by clicking here. You’ll notice that my style of photography is very detail based. If you have taken the time to select something especially for your wedding, then I want to take the time to photograph it. I find that the little detail shots of your rings, shoes, dress, etc make absolutely beautiful additions to add to your wedding album.

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