Scotland wedding photographer Chloé Timms of Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

I recently photographed the wedding of Hazem and Melanie at Old Kilmun House. The couple live in Kuwait and booked me as their Scotland wedding photographer, ready for their destination wedding.

This couples west coast of Scotland wedding was at Old Kilmun House, near Dunoon. Melanie spent a long time looking for the perfect location for her beautiful Scottish wedding. Old Kilmun House gave this couple the flexibility of doing their stylish DIY wedding, just the way they wanted! It’s a really beautiful house, situated in a stunning area.

I was really thrilled to be booked by this couple. When you start searching for a Scotland wedding photographer, you have a lot of choice! Being singled out as someones perfect photographer is always a great privilege.

When I arrived at Old Kilmun House, it was the first time I had met Melanie. She was waiting for me at the door and she looked fabulous! Her beautiful dress was handmade in Kuwait and wasn’t full length. This certainly proved handy for our little walk down to the shores of Holy Loch.

When I arrived, I busied myself with getting some creative shots of Melanie’s bouquet. The bouquet came from The Woodland Florist in Kirn and looked beautiful. I also took a little trip down to the local church, which enabled me to get some shots of Old Kilmun House from a different aspect.

When Hazem had finished getting ready, we headed down the driveway on foot for the couples shots.

As a Scotland wedding photographer, Old Kilmun House certainly does provide an ideal location. Having Holy Loch and also a lovely woodland in such short proximity to the house was perfect. This certainly helped me to create some stunning bride and groom portraits.

When we got back, more guests had arrived and were busying themselves with the finishing touches of the room decorations. Everything looked really lovely as you may have seen from the pictures. If you would like to see some images from my time as Hazem and Melanie’s Scotland wedding photographer, please click here.

This was such a wonderfully laid back and intimate wedding. All the guests had travelled a long way to be a part of Hazem and Melanie’s special day. This couple weren’t afraid to do things their own way, not feeling the need to constrain themselves with all the traditions of a wedding day. Melanie even donned a rather fetching pinny and cooked her guests a beef wellington. Top bride marks right there!

If you would like to hear about more of what to expect if you book me as your Scotland wedding photographer, please click here.

Please do have a good look around my website and get a feel for my style and way of working. If you think that I’m the Scotland wedding photographer for you, then please do get in touch. I would love to answer any questions you may have. Any excuse for a wedding chat is always good with me.

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