Inglewood House wedding photographer, Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

Last month I was shooting at the beautiful Inglewood House & Spa. It was third time lucky for Kim and Jordan, after the joys of COVID cancellations!

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This was my first time shooting at Inglewood House and it was a very pleasant surprise. It somehow feels out of place in its surroundings, an unexpected gem as you are driving along. As soon as you make your way up the driveway, it’s like you are in a different world.

For this wedding, I had three hours of shooting time before the ceremony, which I love! It’s just so lovely to have all that time to capture what’s happening before the ceremony, as well as photographing all the pretty things! Having the rings in my care always makes me uneasy, it’s a very welcome feeling handing them back to the best man 🙂

I had a wonderful reception from these guys, it’s always nice when people are happy to see you, ha!

Kim and Jordan have the cutest little girl, Quinn. She was an absolute delight and was still up and dancing when I left at 9pm!

Due to timings pushing back more than expected, we had to wait until later on for the couples shots. We went on a wonderful walk through the woods and made our way to a field. Unfortunately it wasn’t the right time of year for corn, but we certainly made the most of the beautiful backdrop.

I had the most wonderful experience as an Inglewood House wedding photographer – the staff were all so lovely, helpful and accommodating, I couldn’t have asked for more 🙂 I can also confirm that the food is delicious, although I did feel like I was waddling a little after eating so much!

I very much look forward to my next booking as an Inglewood House & Spa wedding photographer!

Chloé x

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