Carrick Castle Estate Wedding, Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

Oh my goodness, I just LOVED this sneaky sneakster elopement wedding at Carrick Castle Estate. Sally got in touch with me upon recommendation from the venue and I’m so so pleased that she did!

Sally and Alex had not visited Carrick Castle Estate before, booking their secret wedding having only seen the website. Having not been before the couple were very open to any suggestions that I had, which resulted in a very special hilltop wedding at The Eagle Bowl. This (in recent years at least!) is the only wedding to have taken place in this spot! How romantic is that?!

The night before the wedding, I popped over to the venue to meet with Sally and Alex (I even took one of my dogs, Trixie, as I knew they were big dog fans!). We took a walk up the hill and I showed them where I thought would be the perfect spot. Sally picked up a stone, and we literally did an X marks the spot, so we knew the exact location where this lovely couple would be saying their vows the following day.

The next day the estate Defender was loaded up with the flower arch, chairs, decorations and sound system. We even took up a fire pit so that the guests could keep warm. I was a cold but still day, frost carpeted the ground and the beautiful view was completely unspoiled. It was just the most perfect day for this perfect elopement with one of the loveliest couples I have ever photographed.

Having a small wedding meant the guests could be ferried up and down the rocky track to The Eagle Bowl, which somehow added even more excitement to the wedding day!

Everything about this wedding was just perfect and there’s something so special about being there to capture a day that is a secret from so many.

So much love for this wedding. Working with lovely, in love and fun couples is just an absolute dream.

Maybe you will be my next couple! Let’s have fun and get some beautiful pictures that you will treasure forever! What’s your date? Let me know and we can go from there.

Chloé x