Lochnell Castle Wedding photography, Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

I met Mégann at a wedding fair in Oban and wasn’t available for her chosen date. Some time later, I was thrilled to receive an email from Mégann saying that her date had changed and I was available for the new date. Happy days!

This really was such a beautiful wedding! My main highlights: Mégann’s mum gave a speech that basically brought everyone to tears. The best man was asked to read out cards that had been gifted to Mégann and Kieran at the wedding – watching him trying to read a card that was written in French was next level hilarious!! More tears, but for a very different reason 🙂

One thing that I truly love about weddings is that I get to learn so much about how my clients met and I get to see this amazing spark between them. During the couples shots, you see the chemistry and connection. Loving looks, embraces and maybe a kiss or two.. cut to me swooning in the background and then a few giggles from the couple because I’m far too excited about how beautiful their pictures are.

We were absolutely spoilt for choice in regards to locations for the couples shots. This venue is truly stunning! If you’re blessed with good weather, an outdoor ceremony here is unbelievably stunning. The views are perfect! I’m a big fan of Lochnell Castle weddings!

This was another wedding with Argyll Hog Roasts, which is always a great wedding..another reason I do this job is for the food 🙂 haha! I have a very found memory of enjoying a plate of delicious food, whilst walking around the venue grounds.