The Lodge on Loch Goil wedding photography, Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

I LOVED Ellie and Grant’s wedding!! I live in Lochgoilhead and Ellie is the daughter of Trish and Rod from the Post Office, so it somehow felt extra special photographing this lovely little wedding!

Truth be told, I had my heart set on shooting a wedding at The Lodge on Loch Goil before we moved up, so it felt amazing to get my foot in the door at this stunning venue!!

Ellie was super relaxed when I arrived, she was walking about the venue drinking tea. As you do on the morning of your wedding 🙂

We had mixed weather, but the timing of the showers worked out perfectly. I’ll never be one to complain about these things, there are no rainbows without a little rain!

It really was a privilege to document this absolutely wonderful wedding and have my first experience of wedding photography at The Lodge on Loch Goil.