Fruin Farm Wedding, Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

This is such a cool venue! Scenic, laid back vibes, personal, romantic and llamas – this is so far up my street you wouldn’t believe! Anywhere that can provide me with a llama for a wedding shoot is always going to be in my good books 🙂

I spent the whole day with the couple, starting at Auchenheglish Lodges to photograph Lindsey getting ready. There was a beautiful hidden bandstand, which just seemed like the most perfect place to hang the wedding dress.

Lindsey and Olly put so many personal touches into their wedding day, you could see how much time and effort had gone into making everything absolutely perfect! I had such a wonderful day with this couple and all their wonderful guests!

It was a beautiful day, so the couple had a wonderful outdoor wedding. Jurassic Park was playing on the Pipes and we were surrounded by llamas and sheep. What a beautifully unique wedding and one with touches that I will not forget.

If you have not been to Fruin Farm then I recommend that you visit, it’s lovely and you will be well looked after. Separate to the main building, the barn is the perfect spot for dim lighting and a roaring ceilidh band and this wedding did not disappoint.

What a wonderful day, with a special shout out to Glen and Icarus, my four legged assistants 🙂