A secret Loch Lomond engagement photoshoot, by Chloe Jane Wedding Photography.

Cameron got in touch with me on a Wednesday, with his secret proposal planned for two days later! After a lot of secret WhatsApp messages (with me saved under a code name, ha!), we had the perfect plan in place.

I was waiting outside the venue, taking pictures of my dog, to not look suspicious. Rebecca commented on how cute it was that I was taking pictures of Trixie, completely unaware that I was actually there for her!

At a distance, I followed Cameron and Rebecca as they took the short walk to the spot that Cameron had carefully selected for the proposal. With Rebecca’s attention focused on Loch Lomond, I crept closer, camera in hand!

The proposal was captured, including Rebecca jumping up and down with excitement! With the biggest smile on her face. It was perfect!

It wasn’t long before I was spotted. I walked over and congratulated the wonderful couple! I then set about capturing a romantic couples shoot on the shores of Loch Lomond. But, not before Cameron had retrieved his stashed bottle of champagne to celebrate the wonderful occassion!

What a perfect proposal! It was so exciting to capture and be a part of something so special. The look on Rebecca’s face was priceless, she was over the moon!!